Rape, Ok?

In a decision that got me furious last year, Afghanistan legalized rape in a marriage! It negated the need for mutual sexual consent in a marriage, approved child marriage and restricted the right for a woman to leave the home!

This is by far one of the most outrageous laws that a country could dare pass! And to think that the Government actually agreed to this is a clear indication of their traditional and outrageous view of women as an object of pleasure and nothing else. And while they have the right to believe what they believe, to have the guts to actually legalize it, angers me!

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai used this law as a means to appease Islamic fundamentalists and win an election. And while I under (with a lot of pity) the depths to which politicians crawl in order to butter their blown up egos with the feeling of power, to what extent..? To degrade women to sex objects; to snatch life from innocent girls who have a right to ‘live’ and not just exists?!!

On a more unemotional note, it also shows exactly what Karzai and others like him are made of. It is an insight into the shallow levels of government that he and others in that parliament run and the level that they would stoop to gather a few extra votes.

I spit into the face of politics and their undemocratic self, I curse the powers who fail to use their minds but give in to their shallow insensitive need to be ‘in control’… and that too at any cost! Woe to you all!

Rohan Koshy


About rohankoshy

Writer. Journalist. Self proclaimed realist. Human behaviour studies enthusiast. Urban nomad. Fighter for Justice.
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