The vision of Oasis is for community. Across the globe, the work of Oasis centres around communities. Community, in the broadest sense of the word, is a collective noun that binds groups of people with common ties – a community of slum dwellers, bound geographically; or a community of women trapped in situations of sexual exploitation and abuse, bound by circumstance; or a community of people rescued from human trafficking, bound by the will to survive.

However, not all communities are positive places of belonging.

At Oasis, globally, we want to redefine community as a positive place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potential.

While our projects reflect the heart of Oasis’ global vision for communities characterized by love and acceptance, we have learned that it takes commitment, demands ownership and is a gradual process. We have learned that people, despite their different backgrounds and circumstances, possess unique potential, require individual care and have different dreams for better lifestyles. At Oasis, we believe that by walking alongside people and communities and affording them the right input and attention, we are contributing towards creating positive communities that give people the opportunity and dignity to find their voice and address injustice.

Recognizing that the task at hand is huge, we cannot make a wide enough impact on our own. We hope that our work has inspired you to look around at the communities you belong to and become a part of the process of building strong communities characterized by wholeness and fullness of life.


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